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Everyone will be wondering what interior design is and why they need to take care of it. Aren’t you?? It’s merely splashing your wall with paints and enriching your living place but it’s actually more complicated than that. Interior design will cuddle you when you are totally frustrated. Some of its forms are,

  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Green or Environmental Interior Design 

Each has its own style with unique features and designers.

Commercial interior design is making your commercial place feel like restaurants or your working area feel better like plumbing, walls, lightning which is very important factor in interior design. For this kind of designing an interior designer should be innovative and architectural.

Residential interior design is making your residency or dream home look as you expect. In this kind of interior design, designer should project his client vision in their residency. In this designing there is a term called budget, interior design where designer has to design according to client budget.

Green interior design is making your environment greenery and opaque to sunlight. This designing is there since 1949 where Greek builders constructed their house only to feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Later people started to have glass paned windows which allowed sunlight to pass through and make the heat stay to make the atmosphere warmer.

Live in the lap of comfort by designing your surrounding which makes you feel free and bring you warmth.

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