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Interior design is a process of blending ideas with art, which can give superior interior looks and unified space management. Home is the place where we live in, at end of the day we relax and during our playtime we have fun. Thus it is very important that home should have soothing and organized environment. Interior designing not only organizes and beautifies the home but also makes sure that correct thing is placed at correct place. Interior designing ideas might not be same for all home because differs on clients taste and choice. However there are certain generalized concepts which is common for all interior designing ideas.

Let’s discuss some of the kitchen interior designing ideas. Kitchen is a place in our room where multiple activities take place. Right from cooking, washing dishes, baking, keeping food items etc. As there are so many activities take place in kitchen if things are not arranged, then the whole kitchen will look clumsy and untidy. Also one has to keep in mind, that a typical kitchen can have so many items. It might have an Oven, Microwave, Chimney, loads of Utensils, Fridge, Water Purifier Etc. Now it is very important in this scenario that kitchen is fully modular and proper planning has been made to accommodate all the articles.

First of all the base of kitchen should have different types of baskets to accommodate the utensils. There are different type of cabinets with baskets available. For example a Two-Shelf Basket can be used to keep bulky utensils and jar, where as a side basket can be used to keep water bottles and mid-sized utensils. Also there are different type of sinks available for bowls and cutleries with the cabinets, which can be kept as per client requirement.

At the center of a the kitchen a narrow long table like structure could be made with shelves and cabinets underneath .This could be utilized for cutting vegetables , making you morning toasts , mixing & grinding your spices or probably extracting a glass of juice. Ideally a long hanging light is kept to on this table like structure so that while cutting vegetables you can have a close look at them.

Generally the oven is kept adjacent to the window which is safe and recommended as well. On top of the oven Chimney is placed. Now it is very important that Chimney and its aluminum pipe is covered properly with the wooden shelves, otherwise it can spoil the whole look of the kitchen. On both side of the chimney wooden shelves can be placed which can be used for keeping bottles and canisters. Beside the oven the utensil sink could be planned with the water purifier fitted at the top.

Although we discussed some of the kitchen interior designing ideas, it is always recommended that a professional interior designing firm is hired for the same. We are the pioneers in interior designing and can be easily said as the best architect designers in Chennai. We provide integrated services on architecture, landscape,Inteiror design and planning.

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