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It is indeed a challenge, more so for those who live in small spaces, but designers meet the needs of all creating ingenious pieces of furniture that incorporates storage or who have multiple functions.

A good idea for apartments where storage is a problem is the baskets or decorative boxes, many of which can be used as a seat or table. Studios or larger studios can fool the eye and may give the impression of more space if partitions are divided and help embed furniture that would otherwise show thrown randomly in the room.

If you want to use the wall, try to group the furniture as compact and balanced room. Use will also mirrors placed parallel to the windows to let the light reflected in them her sad illusion of more space. If you have small rooms, choose curtains and drapes as lighter. Shadows choke crowded.

In the kitchen you can try to replace the dining area with a bar that can be useful at all times. Also, do not ignore that your storage space it offers walls. Trapped in wall shelves or hooks for kitchen utensils are handy and do not involve any costly.

In the case of those living at home, living room usually occupies the largest space in the building and is at a lower level. Chennai home design architects can delight our eyes today with a series of beautiful living rooms, original decorated in various styles and using many types of finishing materials.

In the pictures above you will find inspiration regardless of the style of arrangement you want to address it within your home, you will learn how to create balance points depending on space and color and, more importantly, you can dream of ideal living that you desire for your family.

What we see above: pop-art style prints and leather sofas – classic and modern together, a romantic interior accentuated by diaphanous curtains, interior in contemporary style, in step with time, given the natural look of wood floors, living house with antique furniture, tapestries and exquisite mosaic floors, modern geometry, used in manufacturing glass shelves, paintings, strong color combinations black and white points of focus such as a chair, large windows, pillows, lamps , original accessories.

Want to decorate your home and do not know what to do and what direction to go? Interior designers n Chennai will help you understand that you are not alone in this journey. We’re here to help! If you have no idea what to do, if you need ideas on how to proceed, we will provide the assistance you need.

Here you find the idea of ​​decorating that suits you best and techniques that idea is put into practice.

Find the style that suits you best, find handyman or team of craftsmen who can do the job best, and find out what materials, paints and tools
to be used to obtain optimal results. Create your environment in which to live as happy.

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