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Disorganization is a very stressful which can cause headaches, fatigue, confusion and heart disease, according to the Chennai famous architects . Affect your personal life, but also on the social or professional.

Fortunately, you can correct this problem, if you can find your weaknesses. Obviously, it starts at home.

If your home looks like a battlefield, you can not expect to have a life otherwise organized. Here’s how to get rid of clutter at home that you consume daily energy:

Get rid of unnecessary things

You have to start taking every cupboard and shelf cleaning the “snow”. The main rule to order the house and get rid of unnecessary things is to get every thing in hand and ask yourself if you’ve used in the past year, be it clothes, shoes or objects.

Most of us collect all sorts of things in the house, thinking that at some point maybe it will be useful. But often they do not use anything but crowded us home with them, which indirectly stressing us. Remember how hard you get angry when you can not find something way out in a lot of unnecessary items that did not even know you have.

All the same, in one place

When you’re in a hurry and need something, it would be ideal to know where you can take. Therefore, organizing things that belong to the same category in a single rack.

For example, you can have a shelf for medications, bandages, first aid kit etc., a shelf for items pertaining to technology – mobile phone chargers, camera chargers, batteries, CDs, etc., one for cosmetics and the list goes on.

But the secret is to put in place each object after you use it. If you mix them, embraced chaos resurface. And do not forget all about habit. If you put items in their place a few times, you’ll get used to do that all the time.

Storage boxes very useful

Even after choosing the one place most objects remain some that do not use them very rarely. This helps storage boxes. Choose transparent ones that allow you to see what is inside, so easy to find an object when necessary.

Put them on these transparent storage spaces (balcony, cupboards, shelves, etc.) and the exposed areas in which you can not let a transparent box filled with all sorts of things, pick them decorative. There is a wide range of cardboard storage boxes, wicker fibers, plastics, leather or imitation leather that can be functional and decorative at the same time.

Massive storage boxes that can be placed under the bed are another way to efficiently organize large items in your home.

Schedule daily cleaning

You clean in the weekend? Although seemingly a good idea, because only the weekend of time needed to take care of everything, is actually a wrong strategy. You can do something better with your days off.

During the week you’ll be tempted to leave things thrown around the house, to chance, thinking you clean up this weekend anyway. The secret is to keep order. And because the clothes are often responsible for the mess the house with them should start. Put everything back after you put in the closet and get them dirty in the laundry basket as soon as you come down.

So put all things in order, but without wasting your time. Teach those who live with you to do the same.

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