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Interior design helps in giving an exclusive look to our homes. Apart from that it’s a perfect solution to storage management. Interior design is a process of blending ideas with art, which can give superior interior looks. Proper interior designing also helps in setting up different themes for different places and rooms. For example an exclusive theme based on cartoon characters could be planned for children room, on the similar lines a light color texture based theme can be planned for bedroom, while the living room can have vibrant colors. However it might be fair to say that interior designing is client specific since it depends on clients taste and choice.

Kitchen is one place at our home where lot of activities take place. A typical kitchen might have lot of items like Oven, Microwave, Crockeries, Utensils, Chimney, Water Purifier, Sandwich Maker, Mixer Grinder etc. It is very important that before keeping these items proper space management is done, failing to do so might make the kitchen look like clumsy and untidy.

Let’s check some of the storage ideas for kitchen. First to start with sticky and oily items, this can be kept on round turning rack at a particular corner, round turning rack will help to access a particular commodity by simply turning the rack & pick up the desired object. A mid-size book shelf can be also kept in a kitchen where you can park you Cookbooks & Recipe Guides.

Hang aprons, pot holders, and dish towels on pegs which might be attached to a shelf. It might be noted that it should be at least two feet away from the stove. Similarly not all the kitchenwares are used daily, and only some of them might be used frequently. Hence all those kitchenwares should be arranged in a separate cupboard or shelf, from where it can be arranged easily.

This is the most important aspect of kitchen storage. Install the kitchen cabinets accordingly based on the type of items you have. Plain baskets without any partition can be used for storing jars, small canisters and dry food packets. This is a kind of plain tray and can be used for keeping anything. The next type of cabinets are plate basket which can hold plates, plates might be simply inserted and it will stand upright ,also it prevents the plate from any kind of breakage, the space available at both the sides could be used for storing small bowls. Now if you have cups and saucers, and you are worried where to keep them then we have Cup & Saucer Basket which has got two partitions, in the first partition Plates can be kept by simply inserting it, while in the second one cups can be kept.

Although we went through some of the storage solutions available for kitchen, however from the customer or client’s perspective he might not be aware of these solutions. Hence it is always advisable to take help from one of the interior design firms, We are one of the famous Interior Designers in Chennai which not provides consultancy on interior designing but provides integrated services on architecture, landscape,& planning.

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