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Architecture can be termed as a process of planning products, buildings constructing and other structures of physical. There are many structures throughout the world which have become special only for their architectures. Today modern architecture can be defined as a design developed from rapid technological advancement and the modernization of society. Architecture not only deals with planning and giving shape to structure but also puts innovative ideas to place.

We are one of the top architects from Chennai, excels in architecture, landscape, Interior Design and planning. The reason for this is their exemplary & elegant solutions which we provide in the field of architecture. Their innovative ideas can help to convert complex ideas to a simplified structural solution which can be seen in the works done. Whenever a project is rolled out, it has got various dynamics that has to be integrated such as proper space utilization, keeping safety standards in mind, making it environment friendly, however one can have complete of peace of mind and doesn’t have to bother much about the project dynamics if it is handled by METASKAPES. This is what put us into the category of Top architects Firms in Chennai.

Their work is not limited to a particular field or sphere, instead their wings are spread into multiple spheres of fields of architecture – Residence, Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Hospitality, Education and institutional sector. With this range it can be easily justified why we are one of preferred architects, no matter whatever is the type of project it might be commercial or residential, it might be a hotel or hospital, or it can be an educational institution. Also this makes us as one of the stakeholders in integrated projects which is in rise these days. An integrated project can be a mix of commercial and residential projects .For example in a housing complex certain portion is reserved for commercial establishments such as Shopping Mall & Office complexes, In this scenario once can hire a single architect firm to design for both the housing complex as wells as the commercial space. So in this scenario only particular types of firm can be selected which specializes in integrated solutions, and we perfectly fits here. This not only gives a unified solution but also saves lots of time & money for our client.

Apart from structural architecture, we also excel in Landscape architecture. Landscape architecture is the design of outside areas, landmarks, environmental structures and social-behavioral. So once a structure is ready, a particular client would not have to bother about the beautification of exteriors, especially about setting up of landscapes, it will taken care by us since we can provide integrated solution for both structural & landscape architecture. Apart from this we also excel in planning and interior designing. Hence these reasons are enough to become one of famous architects in Chennai as well as in India.

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