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Color plays an important part in a human beings life. The extended sense color is as the LIFE of sense. Each and every color speaks and they have their own meaning. For example RED speaks of power & Love whereas Green speaks of nature, Blue speaks of sky and sea. Color also plays a lot with the human mood. For example when we go for any recreation or we are in playful mood we always like to be in middle of vibrant colors, which can be a good source of energy. Such color could be Red.On a similar lines if a person is tired after a day’s work and he is surrounded by some vibrant colors he will be irritated. Obviously the better choice will be a light and soothing color which will make the mood lighter.

As a home is occupied by human life, so it is very important that while selecting color proper care should be taken. Color can be relaxed, dramatic, or balanced.

Living room is a place where most of the family members spend time together. This is the place where thy story of the family is written. Hence it is always recommended that living room should always have young and vibrant colors, this will instill positive energy in family member. Also it looks real awkward if the living room has dull colors since most of the time it will be located adjacent to the main entrance, and no one will want to see a dull leaving room as soon as he enters the room. Some of the suggested color combinations in this regard will be: Chocolate and Hot Pink, Warm orange with Vibrant White, Brown with Blue & White. The options for the color is not only limited to the color of walls , but the same can be implied to adjoining objects such as sofa covers, side pillows ,rugs ,curtain etc.

Next we will have a look at kitchen color ideas. Kitchen is a place where multiple activities take place ranging from cooking food to washing utensils, baking food to cutting vegetables. So the color should be selected wisely. It should be mix of soothing light color with some vibrant colors.
Let’s check some of the kitchen color ideas: A soothing gray color in backdrop with small vibrant yellow color in closes, Wedgwood blue tempered glass cabinets & quartz countertops with off-white in background, Orange color cabinets with cream white shelves. Orange stimulates optimism and a positive outlook.

Let’s also check some of the color options which can be implied to bathrooms. A bathroom is a perfect place to experiment with colors unlike other areas of house there is no pre conceived advisory for bathrooms. Let’s look at some of the color arrangement for bathrooms: Yellow-green walls and a bold pink floral arrangement, glamorous pink and black, Green with off white.

It is always advisable to seek professional help when it comes to interior designing specially when it is related to colors.We are one of the best architect interior designers in Chennai and they can provide professional consultancy on interior designing.

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