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Interior design can be always termed as blend of ideas, art and planning .The outcome of which always results in great interior looks, proper planning of space and an enlightened atmosphere of living. Proper interior designing also helps in setting up different themes for different places and rooms. For example an exclusive theme based on cartoon characters could be planned for children room, on the similar lines a light color texture based theme can be planned for bedroom, while the living room can have vibrant colors.

Before designing the interiors of a particular home it is very important to understand client requirements. Designs will vary from one client to another since it will largely depend on client’s selection, choice and taste. Apart from this it also depends on client’s budget.

Home interior design ideas will vary from one portion of house to another. Let’s start with the living room. The living room is the place where most of the family members spend most of their time. Living room equipped with two of the most common objects, they are sofa set & television. As it was discussed previously that there is no definition of perfect home design since it differs on clients taste. However few common ideas can be discussed in this regard .The television can be fitted on wooden TV panel which is now a days is also known as Home Cinema. Adjacent to this, sofa set can be kept which can be decorated with colorful throw pillows and rug play off .The colorful texture maintains the energy and liveliness of the room. As we know Indians are completely traditional and they are fond of arts, so probably on the wall adjacent to TV panel a traditional Madhubani painting can be kept which will look completely elegant. Also the lighting of the room has to be arranged in such a way so that it doesn’t effects the viewing of the TV. For this four corner low lights can be kept with one powerful central light, the corner lights can be turned on while viewing TV.

Similarly let’s check some bedroom design ideas. Bedroom should be always painted with soothing light colors which will keep the mind relaxed, pink or sky blue would be a great pick. Bed should be kept at a centralized position with the headstand of the bed attached to a wall. On the both sides of bed, two bedside tables can be kept. To add more perfection to the décor two decorated table lamps can be kept on each of the bedside tables. Beside the bed , a small couch or recliner can be kept which can be used for reading books or simply relaxing in pastime.

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