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In the past, large wardrobes, bedroom was busy and cumbersome, which drastically reduced the living space of an apartment so little used. Today, the rules of Chennai interior design in the least do not recommend placing a wardrobe than the actual situation in which there is no place else inside the house. To fill the space in the bedroom intelligent, without burdening too much, count, usually several possibilities:

1) if the bedroom is L-shaped, then the small side, even if it is narrow, we can arrange a work space, above which can accommodate some hanging shelves with books, or you can arrange a space for makeup, but only if there is enough light.

2) If you love books and have large windows, perhaps an alcove, then you can create a special place for reading. Not many people can boast of such a thing.

Obviously, the possibilities are endless with the Chennai architects and interior designers. Depending on who sits in that bedroom can accommodate 1 or more beds (if there are beds for children, then it is recommended that they be placed perpendicular, preferably along the two congruent sides of the room, in order to do not waste precious space) can accommodate fireplaces, be they electric multiple functionalities and are also showy. It can accommodate small armchairs and sofas, but personally, I do not agree with this solution, just the idea that they would be little used. The bedroom is intimate, so chairs and sofas just would not be the point.

The living room is perhaps the most difficult task in a home: to create a sense of home. And reflect the personality of the lady of the house. Solve the problem of colors inspired game. House architects in Chennai think that here you spend with family, most of the time and so the living room should “breathe” an air of intimacy and fun.Because here you also receive guests. So it has to be hospitable atmosphere. Both “imperative” to “check” juggling two essential elements: light and color. They provide the background that takes place “scenography” everyday.

Remember the lesson of drawing in primary school? I learned then about cool colors and warm colors, primary and secondary saturated and unsaturated. To put theory into practice, after so many years in your living room. The goal: to make you feel better in the long-few hours you spend at home, in the main “part” of the apartment.

The kitchen is not only space where cooking, it can be a relaxing space, but this must be arranged so as to be harmonious and inviting but also functional in all respects. For this, evindet a large space would be ideal. But the real problem is when space is low, but still want it to be exactly as described above.

For this there are several tricks you can use in order to transform your kitchen into a perfect space. We can help furniture, wall colors, and why not, a specially designed furniture for each room separately.

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